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Congrats to Sy Kageyama and DS Sohn on their promotion to Purple Belt - - prime examples of dedication, hard work, consistency & good attitude.  


Congrats to all those that received their hard earned belt promotions last month. First on the list, and always a special moment when someone receives their Black Belt, because you know it is at least 12-15 years in the making - GILSON SOUZA (3rd f/R).  Next on the list are our Brown Belts - Ryan Young (2nd f/L), Chris West (3rd f/L) and Ahmed Diallo (2nd f/R), followed by long overdue Purple Belts to Dr. Lloyd Hataishi (1st f/L) and Erik Magrinho (R). We also had a number of Blue Belts that were well deserved and I apologize for not having names or photos at this time.

For all Triple Crown tourney information please visit www.hawaiitriplecrown.com

August 31, 2008

Congratulations to all BFJJ students on their recent belt promotions. From Blue, Purple, Brown to Black, each was hard earned and well deserved.

All belt promotions at BFJJ come few and far between, and Black Belt promotions come even fewer and farther; that said, 2007 was a special year as BFJJ promoted three special and well-deserved individuals to Black Belt: Sidney Silva, Ermin Fergerstrom and Trevor Burnell.

Black Belt Line-Up L -R: Nicoli, Ermin, Sidney, Trevor, James, Romolo

With a new Brown Belt in hand, Dylan Clay's (center) next accomplishment was first round stoppage over MMA veteran Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun at X-1 in Honolulu, May 2008.  

Instructors flanking long overdue Purple Belts, Eric Alves, David Hattori & Mike Grande

A talented group of Blue Belt recipients -- and our future Black Belts.

December 11, 2006

Thanks to all that participated and assisted to make the 2006 Triple Crown of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a huge success. Hearty congratulations to the winners and crowned Triple Crown Champions. Click Events Page for Results.

         Another great turnout: da Kauai Boys (left) /  da Maui Boyz (right)

           Brown Belts Battling  /  BJ PENN in the house w/Ahmed & son (Lassiene)

 Congratulation also to Sidney Silva for his win over Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Jay Jack, and becoming the new Icon Sports North American Welterweight Champion. We hope to have some pics soon.

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Congratulation to all who received their belt promotions on 12/5/11. Hard earned and a job well done! Remember: "A black belt is nothing more than a white belt that never quit."

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