7th Annual Hawaiian Championship of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2005

Saint Louis School Gymnasium

UH Head Football Coach, June Jones, checking-out the action and on-hand to support a member of his coaching staff, Lopaka Ornellas (Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu).

Romolo conducting rules clinic.

Few members of the Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team: Fabio, Paul, Charlie, Lopaka and Greg.

Chris West always ensuring safety first for our keiki competitors.

Ryan Young and Jeff Tsuzuki keeping the matches and brackets running smoothly.


Paul Champlin (left) tying-up.

Lopaka defending a guard assault.

Fabio in prime form.

Dan Pandaru looking for the takedown.

Baret Yoshida always willing to compete -- anywhere, anytime, anybody.

Ermin Fergerstrom gutting-out Baret's twister submission. Ermin is another Jiu-Jitsu competitor that is always willing to put it on the line!

Gi Open Finals: Baret Yoshida vs. Ron Shiraki

Ahmed Diallo --da Hawaiian "Terere"

Martial arts demonstration by Japa and Senzala Capoeira.

The Grande's patiently checking-out the action -- kudos to the wives, cause they always get dragged to these testosterone-filled affairs.

11-year old Sage Yoshida with another Gold medal.

Tyler Barros -- like father, like son.

The Most Technical Competitor Award/Prize is normally reserved for adult athletes -- not this year, 8-year old Makoa Gaughan, from Ron Shiraki's Kaneohe Academy, took it hands-down. Makoa's prize was nearly as big as he was.

Scott Miyamoto setting-up the pass.

Clash of the titans.

Paul Champlin -- gi or no gi, always a game competitor.

 Mike Onzuka & Shane Agena

Chris Onzuka, Ron Shiraki and the boyz.

School Awards: Relson Gracie Academies/1st Place; Gracie Kailua/2nd Place; Brazilian Freestyle/3rd Place. It's guys like these that are always on-hand to help support and advance Jiu-Jitsu in the islands -- they do it for nothing more than the love of the sport and the art of Jiu-Jitsu.