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David first arrived in the islands in August 2003 from a land far far away – Michigan; and after just two-days of sun and sand, traded-in his surf shorts for a Jiu-Jitsu gi and has been with us since. Beyond his grappling skills, David also supplements his training in various other martial arts disciplines to include Tae Kwon Do, boxing and Muay Thai. David competes regularly in BJJ competitions, and despite just 3-years of training, often dominates the competition in his division. David has won numerous top honors, most recently at the 2006 Hawaiian Championship of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he not only won gold and silver, but also received special recognition for scoring the most points in a single match (and possibly the most points ever in local competition)

David came to the islands to pursue a Masters Degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics, which he accomplished in September 2005, and is now pursuing advanced studies towards his PhD. Here is a guy that builds “spectropolarimeters” by day, and rolls around with sweaty guys and gals at night. We here at Brazilian Freestyle, hope it takes David forever to accomplish his doctorate, for we would all definitely hate to see him leave -- but then again, it would be cool to start calling him Dr. Harrington.

Kim & Mark Enomoto


Mark's martial arts training began in 1993 under Sifu James Sweet of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Association of Hawaii.  He earned his senior black shirt rank in 2000 and continues to train and teach as a assistant instructor at the Moiliili Academy.  

In 1999 Kim met Mark, and after being politely coerced into attending one of his Wing Chun classes, developed an interest that began her own martial arts endeavors. To this day, Kim is only one of a handful of women to have achieved the advanced rank of blue shirt within the State of Hawaii. 

After their wedding in 2003, Mark decided to expand his martial arts horizons and started his formal ground training at Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu; he went on to earn a silver medal in the 2005 Hawaiian Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jistu, and subsequently earned a promotion to the rank of blue belt.

For all that know the Enomoto's, wherever Mark may be, you need not look far to find Kim, and after receiving a rather unusual birthday gift (a pink Atama competition gi) from her husband, Kim now has a new found addiction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Like her accomplishments in Wing Chun, we are certain that Kim will be among only a handful of women to reach that next level at Brazilian Freestyle. 

Michael Grande

Michael began his BJJ training in 1996 under Egan Inoue, and in 2000 joined the Brazilian Freestyle ohana. With multiple skills, Mikey also holds Full-Instructor rank under Sifu James Sweet, and the Wing Chun Kung Fu Association of Hawaii.

Michael has been actively involved in the local contemporary Hawaiian music scene since 1982, as a musician, producer, songwriter and recording engineer. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Hoku Music Awards for his work with artists such as Bruddah Walta, Fiji, Sean Na'ua'ao, Hawaiian Style Band, John Cruz and Malia Gibson. He also enjoys spending free time with his wife, family and friends.